Dear MARA families and board members,

Thank you for 15 great years. I am sad to announce that I have resigned from the board as president.  I have enjoyed these past 15 years, first as a parent watching my little girls ski and race, then as a board member and finally as the president of the board. These have been very rewarding years to me personally. I have met some great people who have become my best friends through the club.

MARA is and exceptional organization, I urge each and every person to get involved and shape MARA for the future. Go to the board meetings and meet a very engaging group of people who work, donate and give freely of their time in order to see MARA continue to serve our children.

I hope each and every MARA Ski Racer will continue to love the sport of ski racing and will remember these early years with fond memories.  I have loved every minute of being with my girls racing and would not trade those years for any thing in the world.

The one thing that I have seen from all my years in the MARA program is that the junior racers have grown up to be exceptional human beings, learning that hard work does pay off, many have even returned to MARA to coach and give their experience and love of skiing back to our children.

Ski racing will probably be one of the most singly difficult sports a child can ever be involved in due to the adverse weather conditions, cost, school and the fact that you alone are responsible for your results. That said I have the utmost respect for young ski racers who continue to love the sport along with their parents who continue to support them.

Mara is and organization that strives to see racers become what they dream, it is a club that is dependent on volunteers and passionate skiers, it is small but important.

I wish you all a great ski season with lots of snow and fun with your little racers.

Thank you!


Wes R Norton