Even though MARA is a good value on an hourly basis compared to many of the other activities kids do these days, it is still expensive. So, new this year, MARA is offering several opportunities to fund raise your program fees!


We are going to start with one now, offer another at the beginning of the ski season and a third in the spring, to set you up for next season!


First things first. We’ll start with Chico Bags. These are wonderful reusable shopping bags that fold up into a little pouch for easy storage!  They are machine washable and most of them are made from recycled plastic bottles!  With our pending bag ban, these bags are easy to sell. Plus, most of us are eager to help our environment!  For each bag you sell you will earn nearly 50% of the sale price (a little goes for shipping costs) towards your individual program fees.


Go to….






download entire fundraising packet – High Resolution (Ideal for Printing)

>>It is about halfway down the page<<


This will download a PDF paper about the bags, the types available and an order form.  Print it in color and you can see and show the wide variety of bags and designs available.


Here are the details you need to know for MARA….


Hand in your order form and ALL the money or checks made out to MARA to Christopher Rose by December 12011.  Call Christopher or Cheryl at 541-702-2044 and they will make arrangements to meet you!


The dollar amount of the profit earned for your sales will be emailed to you, along with your remaining balance due for program fees, before the deadline for MARA registration on December 10th.


Think of this like being a retailer of Chico Bags without having to spend a penny on start-up costs or inventory. Pre-sell the bags at retail and the difference between the price you sell it for and the wholesale cost plus shipping will be credited towards your fees in advance! No investment required!


We’ve got almost a month before the sign up deadline and two more events to go before the season is over. With some creative salesmanship, you’ll be able to make a pretty big dent in this year’s fees and maybe even get a jump on next year.