MARA Fundraising:


Background Information on Fees

MARA seeks to be inclusive of all who desire to participate and the 2016-2017 will remain the same as the 2015-2016 season. We are only able to do this by having a highly successful auction.  The auction funds allow us to greatly reduce the financial hurdle of participation fees, and the Annual MARA Auction provides for roughly half of the MARA budget each year.  We hope this year will be just as successful and allow us to continue to keep the program fees down.  Please plan to participate in the auction and please bring your friends and family.  It is a great event and all proceeds go to supporting club operations.


Club Fundraising


Each family is required to pledge to raise at least $150 in goods or services for the auction. A deposit of $150 per family is secured upon enrollment until that obligation is fulfilled. For the last few years, about half of our families have procured auction items. We really need quality goods and services to offer in order to make the auction a success, please help bring in items and please ask if you have questions (

Typically the auction occurred before any enrollment had happened, so items procured were used in the following year’s auction and fulfilled the member’s fundraising requirement for the current year. This year presents a unique opportunity to donate goods or services now (before the auction) to be used in the current season’s auction. Either way, before or after the auction, it will fulfill this year’s requirement.


Work Deposit

Volunteers staff all MARA local races. We hold a $100 work deposit to ensure families meet the volunteer requirement, but nearly every family meets their work requirement each year and gets their deposit back.  There are many on and off the course jobs, so all are able to provide help and fulfill the volunteer requirement if they put the time in.  This is also a great opportunity to meet and get to know the other MARA families.