The Good and the Not So Good…

Well there’s good news and not so good news.

MARA enrollment jumped unexpectedly, and that’s GREAT! As a result though, we are out of balance on club jackets, short on small sizes.

Ordering custom team clothing is a fairly complex process. They have to be ordered nearly a year in advance, with minimums between 50 and 100+ depending on the company. These jackets were the first club jackets MARA has ever had. They represent an investment, underwritten by sponsorship dollars, of nearly $20,000.

When we ordered them, we did so based on the recent¬†athlete census. We had far more junior athletes, and were pretty balanced across all ages. This year we have virtually no junior athletes, and more in the young ages than we’ve had in recent memory.

If your athlete did not get a team jacket, please accept our sincerest apology. We are working on potential solutions, but based on the logistics discussed above, there aren’t any easy ones.