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The MARA auction has a long history as both a fun event and as MARA’s primary, club-wide fundraiser. The proceeds from the auction go to the MARA Fund whose main purpose is to provide needs based financial assistance with program fees. The success of the auction and as a result, the club’s ability to offer financial aid, underwrite special equipment purchases and host special events, is directly related to the level of involvement of the membership at large. With your help organizing, conducting and participating in the auction, we can continue to keep MARA an accessible program for all who strive to become skiers for life.

The auction chair is Kimberly Hoyt. She can be reached at 541-301-4194 or by e-mail at khoyt@medicaleyecenter.com. Get in touch with her. There’s no such thing as too much help!

This year’s auction is Saturday, November 2 in the Rogue River Room at the Stevenson Union on the beautiful Southern Oregon University Campus. Tickets are $45, but the best deal is to buy a full table of 8 for $320. That’s almost like one at the table attending for free! The silent auction starts at 5:30 PM.