The bomb was hatched last year with the help of Nick Stewart of Stewart Media as a fun sticker project. It was sort of a play on the Mt. Ashland grenade. It was wildly successful with kids and parents seeking them daily at the mountain. Many of you have them on your cars. It is an image that is edgy, easily scalable, and amenable to many different color schemes and many different orientations.

Our hope was to create something we could change with the season or mood by changing the colors or the background that was distinct enough to help with branding. Since we were interested in that image, we decided to try to tag it to a logo. The result is what you see at the top of the web page.

It has no inherent meaning. It is just meant to be memorable. The Apple, Microsoft and Adidas logos may have some deeper message, but no one in the general public today knows what they are. They just know the icons the apple, the quad-colored flag and the three stripes.

We will be playing with it, maybe experimenting with other motifs as they crop up or modifying the bomb if it begins to stick but needs tweaking.

If you dislike it, it may go away. If you love it, it may stay. Stay tuned. Nothing is set in stone.