The yearly budget of MARA covers many things, equipment (gates, drills and video cameras), behind the scenes stuff like insurance, banking fees and web hosting, and the most important item is coaching. Coaching and the overall MARA experience is the primary product MARA offers, and our coaches are top notch. They have the technical abilities to deliver progression based training to your athletes, and they are all great, energetic people too. They create an enjoyable learning environment facilitating growth in skiing ability while having fun.

We have a great staff and are able to offer their services for far less than each athlete would pay for an equal amount of ski school lessons. We are also very competitive to the rest of the clubs in the Pacific Northwest and Far West Regions. In every category, our fees are below the average of the clubs surveyed.

The MARA Scholarship Fund was created to address needs based assistance. Read more about Financial Assistance here.


The Holiday Camp is included in the fees for athletes enrolled in the 12 week programs.

 Lift tickets and race fees are not included in the MARA program fees.


MARA will be providing $50 off for first year participants!



Program Fee
6 Week Alpine Saturday or Sunday $299
9 Week Alpine Saturday or Sunday $429
9 Week FreeRide Saturday Only $429
12 Week Alpine Saturday or Sunday $559
12 Week Alpine Saturday AND Sunday $1050
9 Week Thursday Night Gates (must be enrolled in a 6, 9, or 12 week program) $150
Masters Race- 12 Weeks $360
Masters Race with a dependent/ grandchild enrolled in MARA- 12 Weeks $260