The Keiser Cup!

MARA athletes are not required to race, however it is encouraged. It’s a great time and the camaraderie is amazing!

As always, the success of our hosted races is largely dependent on the volunteers who staff it. None of the jobs are complicated or require previous experience. This is a youth race. It’s not an Olympic qualifier. It’s not life and death. Every effort is made to give deference to the athlete in all fault situations that are not absolutely clear cut. The bottom line for volunteers is that it’s low pressure, fun, and we can’t do it without you!

Background: Mark Keiser had a joy for life and the outdoors that was unbounded. When it came to skiing, he wasn’t about “the stuff,” but about the freedom and the rush, the out of body zone right up next to flying that we occasionally get when we are skiing as if in a dream.

Mark and his brother Eric, under the wing of their dad, Dave, pioneered ski racing in Southern Oregon, traveling every weekend to Mt. Bachelor before Mt. Ashland even existed. The both had very fruitful racing careers. We owe everything to their original vision.

In the late 90’s, Mark’s life was tragically cut short in a work related accident. We race in his memory.

Don’t worry about your wax, or if you have the latest skis, or the coolest suit, do what Mark did and see if you can fly.

See you there!

Race Info:

February 27 and 28, 2021.

GS, SL (two runs each race)

SL- Saturday and GS- Sunday

Boys and girls (non scored event)

Seeding by age classification. Youngest to oldest by class.

  1. Bib pick-up is at 8:30 in front of the locker lodge.  Athletes will meet at the normal morning meeting location and time following that. Athletes that can ski to the lift and top of race course unattended will do so at or before 9:00am. Athletes needing assistance will be escorted to the course by a coach. (It may not be their usual coach as they may be tending to race course work)
  2. Athletes will inspect the course with a coach. If there is enough time athletes will be asked to take an independent warmup run, or if a coach is available will accompany them. Athletes that are not comfortable lapping alone, or with a buddy, can remain at the top of the course until the start.
  3. When an athlete finishes their run in the course, parents are asked to meet their child at the bottom of the course, unless they are able to meet their parent at a prearranged location. There will be a coach at the bottom to corral and direct athletes as they finish.
  4. Lunch is from 11:30-12:00.  Most athletes will be done with the first run by 11:15, and will have a longer lunch as a result.
  5. This routine will be repeated following lunch before the second run of the day.  Athletes will return to the course at 12:00 for second run inspection, and coaches will pick up athletes needing assistance getting to lift/top of course at 12:00 at the normal meeting location.
  6. Athletes need to turn in their bib at the bottom of the course after their second run.
  7. After second run athletes are free to go with parents (depending on age and start order this will be between 1:15 and 2:15).  Please have a plan to pick-up or meet your athlete following their second run.

***All schedules are tentative and subject to snow and/or weather conditions.***


Open to all club and sanctioned racers U8-Masters (ages 6 and up).

*** Helmets required ***

Entry Deadline:

Wednesday, February 24th at 11:45pm. Entries must be completed online by the entry deadline. No late registrations will be accepted.

Entry Fees:

$20.00 per. Sign up and pay online.

Late Entries:

There will be no late entries accepted. No exceptions.


24 hours before race by phone 541-708-1523 or email

Bib Handout:

Begins at 8:30am each morning at in front of the locker lodge. Bibs are returned to MARA at the end of the second run on each race day.

Lift Passes:

Must be purchased from Mt. Ashland prior to race day, as these are not provided by MARA. Click here to purchase and schedule your lift ticket to Mt. Ashland. Please be advised that Mt. Ashland weekend tickets often sell out quickly.

***Lift prices are subject to change and are made by Mt. Ashland.***


If positions are still available, visiting parents are invited to help with the race. A Mt. Ashland ski pass will not be provided for race day. If you anticipate being able to help, please email us.


There will be no award ceremony. Awards will be mailed to participants or provided to MARA athletes on the following weekend. All participants will receive a MARA sticker. The top 3 of each U8 through Masters classes will receive a medal.