This year’s MARA season has not been without its challenges, but we have not given up!  Several chance winter storms around the holiday season enabled Mt. Ashland to open in time for MARA to hold its annual Holiday Camp. It was a great start to the season and a chance to finally get back on the mountain.  Our new MARA jackets were put to the test and delivered beyond our expectations- our kids truly looked like a unified team, were easy to spot from anywhere on the mountain and were kept warm, dry and looking good.  The weather continued to bless us with the cold temps necessary to keep the powder around while we waited for the next storm.  MARA held it’s opening weekend in early January as scheduled and celebrated a fantastic turnout.  Unfortunately, shortly thereafter the warm weather took over and what little snow we had began to melt.  This trend continued for nearly a month until this past week when the weather defied the rainy mountain forecast and unexpectedly dumped 19 inches of fresh powder on Mt. A!  What a fantastic surprise!  With very short notice of the mountain’s re-opening, MARA’s Operations Manager, Ryan Rector, was able to pull together a loyal group of coaches to get out there with our kids on Sunday and have a very successful day of coaching with our devoted athletes.  The conditions were not fantastic, as the winds and sleet added a bit of challenge but the kids rallied with great attitudes and boosted morale. Thank you to all the families that braved the conditions to get their kids up to the mountain!

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the season MARA asks you all to continue those snow dances and don’t give up hope!  This past week is evidence that the season isn’t necessarily over just yet!  So long as the mountain is open, MARA will continue to operate it’s programs, taking advantage of every snow day we possibly can!  You may consult the Mt. Ashland website at any time to check if the mountain is open, and rest assured that if they are, MARA will be there!


Thank you,

Candy Barnard

MARA President