MARA programs are designed to provide an enjoyable and challenging skiing experience for all ages, promoting lifelong enjoyment of the sport while allowing our athletes to reach their full potential as well as develop life skills and responsibility.

Our coaching philosophy values safety, fun, teamwork and sportsmanship. Success is viewed as achievement and improvement rather than a certain result from a race or a competition.

We offer full time and part time programs for all ages, from 6 years old to 60+.

MARA offers the following programs:



Regional Race


Masters Race



There are times when the coaches do not directly supervise the athletes. Lunch breaks are not supervised. Most race days the coaches will need to be at the start or on the course for the majority of the day and the athletes will ski laps and take lunch without supervision.

On training day, some coaches may decide to remain in place on the slope/course and have the athletes ski laps while he or she watches. Other times the coaches may send the team back to the lodge while they pack up the gear on the training hill, or have the team meet them at a specific location so they can get the training site prepared before the group arrives.

These are ways our team members learn to be responsible for themselves and each other. The older the athlete is, the more time they will have without the coach’s direct supervision.

Ability Assessments

To ensure all participants are of the appropriate standard for training, all new team members will need to pass an ability assessment with a coach prior to joining their team. This is to guarantee all athletes are placed in groups appropriate for their development. Athletes who are not yet proficient enough to join a MARA group will be placed into the Mt. Ashland Pre-Development program.

Cancellation and Refunds

Inclement weather may affect Mt. Ashland operations, causing a training delay or cancellation. Before leaving home, call the Mt. Ashland Snow Phone 541 482 2SKI or check their website You will not receive a refund for delayed or cancelled training due to mountain closure. In the event of a non-season, due to ongoing administrative expenses MARA reserves the right to withhold up to 20% of program fees for administrative expenses.

Understanding U Ages

The U simply stands for UNDER, under whatever the number says. For instance, U12, Under 12. Ah, but under 12 when? Under 12 as of January 1 of the current season.