Mt. Ashland Racing Association

is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental skills of skiers of all ages, and developing well rounded individuals with a life long love for the sport of skiing and competition.


Welcome to the MARA web page. The previous web page served us well for many years, but this will be much more dynamic. You’ll notice important static page links at the top. On the right hand side you’ll find our recent posts, some external links, various forms and an archive.

The  heart of the page though will be the feature board in the middle and the blog accessible in the navigation bar at the top or in the box at the bottom. The blog will feature race announcements, parent education, race results and athlete inspiration. The possibilities are endless. We’ll also be linking to Facebook and Twitter, social media that many people rely more heavily on these days.

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Equipment Exchange

Find and sell your used gear here.


1. MARA is not responsible for any facet of the gear exchange or for ensuring the safety of any gear traded here.

2. Read number one.

3. All posts will expire in 90 days.

4. Notify the parent Coaches if you sell your item sooner.


Send an email to with all of the information including brand, size, condition, age, asking price and anything else you think might be helpful along with your contact information. It will post here, blog style, for 90 days.

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