Mt. Ashland Racing Association

is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental skills of skiers of all ages, and developing well rounded individuals with a life long love for the sport of skiing and competition.


MARA programs are designed to provide an enjoyable and challenging skiing experience for all ages, promoting lifelong enjoyment of the sport while allowing our athletes to reach their full potential as well as develop life skills and responsibility.

Our coaching philosophy values safety, fun, teamwork and sportsmanship. Success is viewed as achievement and improvement rather than a certain result from a race or a competition.

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The yearly budget of MARA covers many things, equipment (gates, drills and video cameras), behind the scenes stuff like insurance, banking fees and web hosting, and the most important item is coaching. Coaching and the overall MARA experience is the primary product MARA offers, and our coaches are top notch. They have the technical abilities to deliver progression based training to your athletes, and they are all great, energetic people too. They create an enjoyable learning environment facilitating growth in skiing ability while having fun.

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