Mt. Ashland Racing Association

is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the fundamental skills of skiers of all ages, and developing well rounded individuals with a life long love for the sport of skiing and competition.

Parent Coaches

The MARA Parent Coaches are the glue that binds the athlete, coach and parent triangle. Their job is to answer your questions and to proactively distribute information that will ultimately improve your athlete’s experience with MARA.

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Financial Assistance

Skiing and ski racing are exhilarating and dynamic, becoming more so the better one gets at it. At a minimum, a MARA athlete will devote almost 40 hours per season with a coach, having fun while striving to improve. Our most committed athletes can train for 400 hours in a season. Couple that with a ski pass, appropriate clothing, the possibility of a whole quiver of skis and travel expenses for older athletes and the expenses can be daunting.

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